About The Data Hospital:

Data Recovery is a highly specialist field, carried out by competent and skilled technicians with many years of experience in dust-free rooms or laboratories. Our aim is to recover data from failed or damaged pieces of media such as hard drives, external hard drives, RAID systems, NAS servers and flash drives or memory cards.


The recovery will consist of various stages, the first being assessment. This is where the technicians ascertain the cause of the fault using a combination of computer based diagnostic software and manual skills to inspect inside the device. A media evaluation report will then be produced and sent to the client detailing the faults found and the cost of recovery.On approval of the quotation the technicians will then start the repair and subsequent recovery process. The failed part/s will be replaced with compatible spares. Following this, the drive is then retested using computer based diagnostics, if it passes this stage the media is then moved to the recovery terminals in the lab, this software will recover all usable, uncorrupted data which is then saved onto our server systems.


From these servers the recovered data is then transferred to the chosen piece of new media, and is then ready to be dispatched to the client.


This is a very brief description of the process, and it should be noted that certain recoveries can consume many man hours of labour in repairs and in certain cases up to a week to recover the data, due to the massive amounts of data held on commercial business servers.This work can only be carried out by highly skilled, competent staff with years of experience in the various forms of equipment and data storage technology that is currently used throughout the world including obsolete or older forms of storage devices.

Data Hospital Advantage

  • World Largest Range of Software Recovery Tools
  • 24 hr support (mon-fri)
  • 30 days money back policy *
  • No Data No Charge policy *
  • State of Art Technology Labs (class 100 clean room)
  • Guaranteed RAID Recovery*

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  • Free Phone: 0330 999 3282 (0330 999 DATA)
  • T: +0330 999 3282 (0330 999 DATA)
  • T: +0330 999 3282 (0330 999 DATA)
  • E: info@thedatahospital.com

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