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Mark M. Haslow


“I was asked to send in my 3TB HDD, with what I suspected was a logical fault. After reading many reviews on other leading data recovery companies, I placed my trust in The Data Hospital, due to their background in the industry. I was contacted after sending my HDD via courier, and told there was a logical issue as I had originally suspected. I paid £99 + VAT (as quoted) and received all my data back on new media (which I paid optionally for an additional £125 inc VAT). I received a very professional experience with The Data Hospital and highly recommend their services to those seeking a more specialized service.”


Jennifer Doneley


“Exceptional service with reliable information given.Received all my lost data within a week of sending in defective hard drive. Admirable costs and a very dexterous company!”


Mikael Tamisama


“I was told full data recovery may not be possible as it was a “code red” which meant it was “media surface damage”.  I received an email shortly after explaining the exact fault and with assurance that 83% of data was expected to be recovered. I was then contacted to advise me that 95% of data was in fact recovered as a result of the comprehensive technique adopted.This was far more data recovered than I had anticipated.  The remaining 5% was as a result of the “damaged surface”.A practiced company that I would vastly commend.”


Dr.Advaya Dehajee


“Fast, experienced company! Highly recommended for anyone looking for professional service with no Mendacities”


Manotej Javal Godeshi


“A good company because I want fast recovery for my information. I pay good money. All files come back complete on new hard drive.”


Dr Eklavya Vimalmani


“I did not know much about data recovery, but after talking to the data hospital technicians, I was aware of what the problem was and the cost involved. I had all my data sent to me as a file list for me to check. All my previously lost files were available and I had them returned to me quickly.  Thank you for a very informative process and recovery.”

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