Hard Drive Repair/Data Recovery (Common failures with media storage devices):

Many people rely heavily on their storage devices, expecting them to last forever without fail. As with anything in life, this is unrealistic. Any electro/mechanical device will, with time and the process of wear and tear, inevitably fail. The first thing to remember in the case of hard drives is NEVER POWER THE DRIVE UP REPEATEDLY AFTER FAILURE, this will only do more damage and may score the media’s platter surface drastically reducing the chances of a full recovery.


Common failures in hard drives (including external and portable) include :

Failure of the read/write heads or a Head crash : As a result of wear and tear, impact damage as a result of drives or laptops being dropped, or as a result of the PCB/Electronics failing and destroying the read/write heads via the connected circuitry.

Firmware corruption : As a result of failing or failed heads, excessive media surface errors and incorrect data written to the surface area of the hard drive.

PCB failure : As a result of the end of the electrical components lifespan, or power surges/spikes from incorrect or faulty power supplies, or surges in the electricity suppliers distribution networks.

Motor failure : As a result of collision/jamming with the heads, being dropped, impact damage or through normal wear and tear.

Accidental deletion or Formatting of a drive : As a result of human error, and sometimes software malfunction due to incorrect data sync.


We can repair and recover data from any hard drive manufacturer such as : Maxtor, Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Buffalo, Iomega, Freecom etc.


RAID / NAS Data Recovery and Repair

RAID and NAS drive failure : We can deal with any RAID array or NAS (Network attached storage) failure. Our RAID specialist was the pioneer for many of the techniques and processes used to recover data from these complex data storage systems which are as a result still used by many other companies in the industry. HEWLETT PACKARD use a bespoke parity rotation for their array’s (delayed sectors), we were one of the first companies to offer recovery services from HP servers as we developed our own technique to deal with the delayed sector parity. To this day, there are few data recovery labs capable of recovery from this type of sector stripe. Many clients do not know that one drive in their RAID 5 array may have failed, unless of course the system flags up a message to inform them. In these cases it’s common for the end user to ignore any message and proceed to use the system as it still appears to function normally. Only in the event of a second drive failing does the RAID system then go offline, at this point the array will be unusable until a technician has repaired the faults, rebuilds the RAID array and is then able to recover the data on bespoke systems that emulate the RAID device. We have recovered data from many RAID systems that were deemed unrecoverable by other companies.

What to do in the event of RAID failure : If possible send the whole unit to us, or if this is not possible remove each drive starting from the bottom and labelling each drive 1, 2, 3, 4 etc upwards.Common RAID failure : The most common causes of failure are the same as singular hard drives, the key difference with RAID systems however is that they stripe the data to multiple internal drives so that in the event of failure of one of the drives, the total amount of data is not lost.

We can repair and recover RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and RAID 50 systems.


Server Data Retrieval

We can repair and recover from any type of server system Including Hewlett Packard servers, Dell servers and LSI servers. The individual hard drives used in these types of systems are no different to any other commonly used hard drive and will suffer from the same issues as listed above in common failures in hard drives.

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